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The World as we know it has ended! Psycopaths and strange visitors are sweeping over the land. An evil malaise has crpt up and captured much of the population - but a few brave souls are fighting back. An unlikely hero rises up and many brave people follow. They will not allow the brains and hearts of their fellow citizens to be hijacked. Instead they will draw upon exciting new breakthroughs in neuroscience and biology to take back and build a better world.


This is the continuation of a book first written in 2013 and then revised in 2015 before the 2016 elections. It continues in the eerily prophetic vein of the earlier work, The True Blue Revolution. If you like satire and dream of what could be, then this book and its predecessor are definitely for you. They will challenge your perspective of what is and what could be.


Using the newest research in neuroscience, especially concerning savantism, the author explores the role of spycopathy, positive psychology, and artificial intelligence in the challenging situations we now face. What will become of our world and us as individuals? Can we build a new culture that builds on openness, creativity, and freedom, or fall into and Orwellian abyss of control and slavery? It is up to us!

Rise of the True Blue Rebellion

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