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Rise of The True Blue Rebellion eBook and Paperback Version are Available on Amazon

The True Blue Revolution Continues
Book by
Jerry Willbur

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About the Author

Jerry Willbur has a long career as a "culture doctor," human resources executive, entrepreneur, and award-winning researcher in the field of mentoring. He has worked with national and international organizations, several successful startups, and leading mentoring organizations. With degrees in psychology and a doctorate in human resource development, he is the author of the True Blue Revolution and two books on leadership. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, HE HAS NEVER BEEN A POLITICIAN! Willbur lives in Vancouver, WA with his wife, Sherrie. 

Government Building Columns

The True Blue Revolution eBook and Paperback Version are Available on Amazon

Eerily  Prophetic
Book by
Jerry Willbur

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Modern City

Kirkus Review

"In this novel, Willbur inventively creates an entire alternate political universe - one that is as fantastical as it is humorous.
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